Saturday, June 6, 2009

The Value of Comments

You came here because someone recommended my writing. It might have even been... me. And you will diligently read through what I have to say. Thank you.

But many of you have websites or blogs of your own, and are wondering how on earth to drive traffic to them, because you have something to say. Here's how:

When you read somebody's blog that you like - leave a comment and leave your contact info. (And yes this seems just a smidge like leaving your 'phone number' on a bathroom wall. Get over it.)

If a reader likes what you said in your comment will copy/paste your contact info into their browser, following you back to your site. And voila, you have a hit, and everybody wins.

What about those readers that are just readers, have no website and have no need to drive traffic anywhere? Please leave a comment anyway. Why?

Because it takes courage to put yourself and your writing out onto the superhighway of the WWW. Because writers are often concerned about whether they're making any sense, your comments help them refine their message. And this is true whether they're writing about string theory or writer's block, the benefits of organic produce or organic underwear. Because if we care enough to publish it in a blog, we are a writer.

I also know that sometimes you don't feel like you can add any wisdom to what has already been said. The appropriate comment in that place is:

"Thanks. I liked it."

And so I invite you to comment. Leave your URL so that we can follow you back to your 'house' and read what you have to say.

Gayle McCain (coming soon)


Pan Historia said...

Thanks for that reminder. I always appreciate comments on my own blog, but sometimes feel too empty-headed to really give a good response to an excellent blog I might read. I do feel a little like I'm writing on a bathroom wall when I drop my url, but you're right, I never mind it when someone is sincere on my blog.

PennyAsh said...

Great post. And a goot kick in the pants for me :) I need to remember to do this and to post on my own blog as well.

Gayle McCain said...

Pan Historia and PennyAsh,

Thank you for your comments. I was at a Social Networking Seminar where the speaker reminded me. And apparently only 3 out of 50 in the audience had ever left a comment. Even though everyone read blogs.

This was a group where almost everyone had a blog site they were trying to drive traffic to.

Thank you for commenting.


Renee said...

I liked your blog today and I need to start doing that. Besides, I think leaving a number on a bathroom wall could be amusing. :)

My blog:


senny dreadful said...

I like this idea. I try to leave intelligent comments where I can, which might be why I don't often leave comments!

You're utterly right though of course, so I'll stick my url up here too:

Ex-English Major said...

So true Gayle. It's easy to read many great articles a day without leaving comments, but with Twitter now... :) I wonder if tweeting links to articles we like will replace the comment at some point. Great post -- thank you for the reminder!

Jen ---

Gayle McCain said...

I love you. You are positively delightful. Thank you for being part of my life and MY growth.

Senny Dreadful,
I shall go look at your website, anon. Thank you for taking the time to stop by and say howdy.

Tweeting will eventually be linked to blogs, and we'll merely tweet and there it will be on a website somewhere. I doubt it'll be more than a couple of years (if that).
And some bright programmer will come up with a way to capture everything that you tweet, so we can capture these words of wisdom we so easily write.

Thank you all for commenting.

Have a blessed day,
Gayle McCain