Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Questions to really think about

Today I discovered that I don't know the 1st thing about laying out a brochure. I had fantasized that I knew how to advertise my new packing business, but what I found out as I talked to my friend is: I don't.

Advertising is a very different form of writing. AND to properly advertise I need to be really, really clear on what it is that I can do for my client. And what I cannot. And that was profound to think about.

My friend had me thinking about all sorts of things that I had not thought about. Like how to handle a situation if something goes wrong. Or the movers drop a box, and stuff breaks.


What if I get a dishonest client? That's a tough one for me - because I trust nearly everybody. And how will I hold to my higher ideals if I have to watch over my shoulder in the fear that I might be ripped off. Doesn't that defeat the purpose of higher ideals?

And so, I shall go to bed tonight, pondering these questions. Hoping for an answer as I dream.

May you find all the answers that you're looking for tonight.

in Joy

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Remember to Dream

Today --remember to dream. Really dream.

Because that's what this is all about - us dreaming we can become something more, and then doing it.

We don't have to know very much -- only the WHAT and the WHY. All the rest will take care of itself - if we listen when intuition tells us to take action.

Yes - that's right -- we don't have to know HOW, or WHERE, or WHEN, or WHO will help us. We just have to focus on the WHAT we want and WHY we want it and everything else will line up. I promise.

See soapbox - stepping off now.

So go ahead and dream today - you'll like it.

in Joy
Gayle McCain

Dream !
It's the only way you'll ever get what you want,
so while you're at it you might as well

Dream BIG and in Technicolor!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Mom to the rescue

This afternoon I got a phone call from my daughter saying her car wouldn't start, and would I come get her. I arrived just about the time that her Dad called her back. His suggestion - jump start the car.

Well, OK, it worked. A part of me was absolutely certain that it wouldn't, and if I'm honest that part kind of wished he was wrong too. Because he would look like a hero. Again.

A small part of me was feeling insecure, because the good things he does for the kids get noticed, and if I do anything it slides under the radar, thus my insecurity.

That was - until my daughter climbed into her running car and said,

"Thank you, MOMMY."

I haven't been 'Mommy' in a decade. What I had done, by just being a concerned mother, was ride to the rescue of the damsel in distress in the suburban mom's version of the white horse - my minivan.

It was nice to be called 'mommy' again. Nice to know that even though she's nearly an adult, she still wants and needs me, and that I'm able to be there when that happens.

May you have people that remind you that you are needed too.

Gayle McCain