Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Questions to really think about

Today I discovered that I don't know the 1st thing about laying out a brochure. I had fantasized that I knew how to advertise my new packing business, but what I found out as I talked to my friend is: I don't.

Advertising is a very different form of writing. AND to properly advertise I need to be really, really clear on what it is that I can do for my client. And what I cannot. And that was profound to think about.

My friend had me thinking about all sorts of things that I had not thought about. Like how to handle a situation if something goes wrong. Or the movers drop a box, and stuff breaks.


What if I get a dishonest client? That's a tough one for me - because I trust nearly everybody. And how will I hold to my higher ideals if I have to watch over my shoulder in the fear that I might be ripped off. Doesn't that defeat the purpose of higher ideals?

And so, I shall go to bed tonight, pondering these questions. Hoping for an answer as I dream.

May you find all the answers that you're looking for tonight.

in Joy